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Agile Product Management: Do the Right Things, Not Everything
By Ellen Gottesdiener

What is our Product?
By Ellen Gottesdiener and Andy Repton

Product Backlog Refinement with Structured Conversations
By Ellen Gottesdiener

The Contracting Two-Step: Patterns & Actions for Successful Collaboration
By Ellen Gottesdiener

Agile Product Fluency
By Ellen Gottesdiener and Dan Chapman

#DiscoveryDojo: Hunt for Product Value with Stakeholders
By Ellen Gottesdiener

Agile Product Ownership: Do the Right Things, Not Everything
By Ellen Gottesdiener

Slicing User Stories
By Ellen Gottesdiener

Making User Stories "Ready" to Get to "Done"
By Ellen Gottesdiener

Intro to Agile Requirements: User Stories, Backlogs and Beyond
By Ellen Gottesdiener

Nonfunctional Requirements: Forgotten, Neglected, Misunderstood
By Ellen Gottesdiener

Do the Right Thing: Adapting Requirements Practices for Agile & Traditional Projects
By Ellen Gottesdiener

Innovate & Invigorate Your Agile Discovery Practices
By Ellen Gottesdiener

Products, Not Projects: Delivering Value with Product Roadmaps
By Ellen Gottesdiener

Agile Open Jam: Business and Product Management in Agile (Business Analysis conference)
By Ellen Gottesdiener

Agile Open Jam: Business and Product Management in Agile (PMI conference)
By Ellen Gottesdiener

Agile Testing: Strength through Interdependences
By Ellen Gottesdiener

Power Up Your Agile Planning & Analysis: Deliver Value via Structured Conversations
By Ellen Gottesdiener

How Agile Reduces Requirements Risk
By Ellen Gottesdiener

Slow Down to Speed Up: Retrospectives for Improving Product and Process
By Ellen Gottesdiener


Product Management in Agile

Ellen Gottesdiener shares with Agile.FM host Joe Krebs product management topics for the Agile world. Topics include “what is your product”, product discovery practices, agile and product management community mutual misunderstandings, what are “requirements”, MVP’s and more.

Discovery is as Important as Delivery

Ellen Gottesdiener shares with Agile for Humans host Ryan Ripley why discovery is as important is as important as delivery, using discovery for creation, innovation, and collaboration; being in “the age of product”; focusing on goals not roles, and more.

From Discovery to Delivery – and Beyond

Ellen Gottesdiener and Mary Gorman share insights into how to work with requirements in an Agile environment–from discovery to delivery and beyond–with SPaMCAST host Tom Cagley.

Agile Business Analysis – author cast with Ellen and Mary

Mary Gorman and Ellen Gottesdiener speaks with TheBACoach Yamo on their real world agile business analysis experience and forthcoming book.

Redvespa interview about Discover to Deliver

Redvespa interviews Gottesdiener and Gorman about the 7 Product Dimensions, visual techniques in Discover to Deliver, structured conversations, and more.

AgileToolkit Interview about Discover to Deliver

Agile Toolkit podcast host Bob Payne interviews Ellen and Mary about their book Discover to Deliver. Hear about using structured conversations during discovery, finding value, and how they used the practices in the book to write the book.

How to Conduct an Effective Requirements Workshop

Ellen Gottesdiener shares good practices and tips on facilitated workshops with TheBA Coach Yamo Mohamed.

Agile Requirements and Planning

IEEE Software Engineering Radio host Neil Maiden interviews Ellen Gottesdiener and Mary Gorman about agile requirements, structured conversations for ongoing, systematic discovery and delivery of product options and adapting your requirements practices.

Essentials for Successful Agile Business Analysis

Mary Gorman explains the continuing importance of modeling to support collaboration between business and IT, agile business analysis, and collaboration effectively in this interview with Blueprint’s Tony Higgins.

Truths about Agile Requirements and Product Management

Ellen Gottesdiener redefines traditional roles in agile teams and explains the hurdles that need to be overcome to use agile most effectively in this interview with Blueprint’s Tony Higgins.

Discover to Deliver Revisited

Ellen Gottesdiener and Mary Gorman provide insight into how to work with requirements in an Agile environment, from discovery to delivery and beyond. Interview by Tom Cagley, host of the Software Process and Measurement Cast.

Exploring the 7 Product Requirements for Better Requirements Discovery

Mary Gorman takes podcast host David Saboe and listeners into a deep dive of a holistic framework to discover product requirements using the 7 Product Dimensions. Hear how agile teams use analysis models during requirements discovery to quickly and powerful supplement their conversations.

How to Discover Product Requirements

Ellen Gottesdiener shares with podcast host David Saboe how to discover product requirements. Hear how to break away from being an order taker to become a product co-creator using structured conversations to slice requirements options based on value.


What is our Product?

Making User Stories Ready to Get to “Done”

Building Alignment and Empathy

Practical and Passionate Product Ownership

Discover to Deliver: Accelerating High Value Product Delivery

Making User Stories “Ready” to Get to “Done”

Product Ownership and Agile Discovery

Product Discovery, Backlog Management and Product Ownership

Agile Requirements: User Stories, Backlogs & Beyond

Discover to Deliver™ Explained

Success with User Stories Cut Through User Story Chaos

Agile Requirements and Business Analysis Myths and Realities

Rope Your Scope: Reining in Scope Creep [access via PMI membership]

Product Roadmapping Tips: Interview by Boston Product Management

Writing a Book using Discover to Deliver Practices

5 Q&A’s: The PMI Agile Community of Practice

Discovering Testable Agile Requirements – Mary Gorman

Got Value? Making Product Decisions with a Practical, Sustainable Value Model

Colorful, Creative, and Collaborative: User Stories Unleashed [enter name to view]

Structured Conversations to Deliver Value [Pecha Kucha by Ellen Gottesdiener]

Value-Based Decision Making and More.

The Essential Product Owner Championing Successful Products: An Interview

Reduce Rampant Requirements Risks with Agile Practices [enter name to view]

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