Build practical skills in agile product management. Learn effective techniques to engage product partners in discovering value.

The Essential Product Management & Ownership – a 2-day Course

So I can lead a successful product and guide agile development teams,
I need to use good practices for agile product planning, backlog management and refinement, and outcome-based product development.

Agile product managers and owners enable teams to deliver high-value products through strong product leadership. Agile product managers and owners need to engage with customer, business, and technology partners effectively to ensure that the right product is delivered at the right time.

Agile product managers (PMs) and product owners (POs) must think strategically and tactically while steering efforts to achieve positive and valuable product outcomes. With such diverse demands, many agile product managers and owners struggle under the weight of championing successful products. We can help.

EBG’s Essential Product Management & Ownership training is a two-day course that equips agile PMs and POs with the knowledge and skills needed to guide product development. The training is experiential, packed with activities that deepen attendees understanding and capabilities. Attendees appreciate the discipline of product management while also learning how to discover and analyze product options, make difficult and effective value-based planning decisions, and continually refining a lean product backlog. Topics include:

Day 1

  • Product management essentials – product thinking, lifecycle, frameworks, canvases, product management vs. project management
  • Product discovery and delivery; strategic and tactical product work
  • Enabling agile fluency with good product leadership
  • Product ownership in Scrum – a day in the life of a “PO,” actions for effective product ownership
  • Lean product management
  • Product vision, value, partners
  • Product metrics

Day 2

  • Product discovery and validation
  • Product delivery – planning and requirements (features, MMFs, epics, stories)
  • Backlog management – prioritization, refinement and backlog management
  • Agile product roadmapping
  • Good to great product management & ownership and your improvement actions

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[After hiring] EBG … to train and coach our development staff, product owners, and SME’s… our overall project performance improved, … with better project and sprint estimates and less time spent on redesign and refactoring.Henry Moritz Manager, R&D Software PMO, Weatherford

By applying the techniques taught us and partnering with our customers to identify the highest value features, we were able to deliver a very successful initial release. In the long-term, the product owners became strong advocates for the software.Steve Brudz, Engineering Manager, The Broad Institute

As a result of EBG’s efforts, people became more confident and effective product managers and improved their ability to develop and articulate a product vision and roadmap. Additionally, our product and engineering groups became more effective at iterating, testing, and communicating as teams and with stakeholders. Lesley Mottla, EVP Global Product & Customer
Experience, Zipcar

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