Demonstrate product leadership by providing strategic direction for your product. Learn pragmatic ways to continually evolve, revise, and create alignment for an outcome- or goal- product roadmap.

Product Roadmapping – a 2-day Course

So I can provide product leadership with internal and external stakeholders and customers that bridges the gap between strategy and tactics,
I need to define the product and create an adaptive, outcome- or goal-based product roadmap.

A product roadmap is a critical strategic communication tool that articulates direction, builds alignment, and helps product partners make tough prioritization decision. A lean, flexible product roadmap is an indicator of a healthy product culture.

Modern product roadmapping practices facilitate strong collaboration across the organization and with product customers. This training provides product management and development practitioners and leaders with the essential principles and practices needed to deliver and sustain useful and useable product roadmaps.

This training benefits Product Managers and Owners, Business Executives, Product Development team members (e.g., people in the disciplines of software development, testing, Ux design, business analysis, database administration, data science), Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters, and others actively engaged in the strategic and tactical work needed for successful technology products.

Day 1

  • Roadmapping foundations– benefits, pitfalls, stakeholders, modern roadmap practices, agile product roadmaps
  • Strategic foundations, alignment and validation tools/techniques
  • Roadmap components and formats

Day 2

  • Roadmapping steps and frameworks; vision, outcomes vs. features, goal- and theme-based roadmaps, prioritization techniques
  • Roadmap variations; internal, external, technology, portfolio roadmaps
  • Managing a product roadmap–cadences, product partner engagement and alignment
  • Good to great product roadmapping

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..[provided] tools for me to succeed and make my product awesome.D.M. Product managers, Global Financial Services Co.

By applying the techniques taught us and partnering with our customers to identify the highest value features, we were able to deliver a very successful initial release. In the long-term, the product owners became strong advocates for the software.Steve Brudz, Engineering Manager, The Broad Institute

As a result of EBG’s efforts, people became more confident and effective product managers and improved their ability to develop and articulate a product vision and roadmap. Additionally, our product and engineering groups became more effective at iterating, testing, and communicating as teams and with stakeholders. Lesley Mottla, EVP Global Product & Customer
Experience, Zipcar