Turn the chaos of multiple, competing needs into cohesive, high-value products with agile services from EBG.

Agile Services

EBG’s agile services help organizations realize their full potential. Through workshops, coaching, and training, the experts at EBG help your agile teams and product owners successfully discover just enough requirements—just-in-time—to deliver high-value products. All EBG services are extended with EBG authored books, articles, media and tools. Whatever the role—product owner, business analyst, tester, architect, developer—EBG’s services streamline and speed their work.

Agile Consulting

EBG offers a variety of targeted consulting services. The onsite Product Discovery Workshops and agile coaching help your teams reduce cycle time, eliminate waste, and collaborate more effectively. EBG’s agile product management strategies enable teams to tame bloated product backlogs, focus on delivering valuable increments in short cycles, and make smart choices among competing priorities—turning options into opportunities. Learn more about agile consulting from EBG.

Agile Training

Learn how the best product owners and agile teams discover agile requirements and manage their product backlogs to deliver high-value products. Taught by our expert team members, EBG’s practical, real-world agile training courses build skills in requirements discovery, agile product management, and agile business analysis across entire teams and programs. Learn to manage your product backlog, analyze agile requirements holistically, slice agile requirements for value, conduct structured conversations, leverage a product roadmap, plan releases and iterations, and facilitate collaborate agile team sessions. Browse our unique course offerings.

Integrated Learning

Optimize value and time to delivery with a blend of EBG’s agile services, including agile training, Product Discovery Workshops, and cross-discipline coaching from EBG’s agile experts. To maximize your return on investment, EBG highly recommends supplementing agile training with facilitated discovery workshops and hands-on coaching guidance in applying and improving new skills.

Read about EBG’s integrated learning approach in action in these cases studies: Insurance Powerhouse | Biomedical Institute.

Customize Your EBG Experience

Our team had varying levels of experience and [EBG] spent the effort needed up front to hone in our needs to ensure a very focused engagement.Lesley Mottla, EVP Global Product & Customer Experience, Zipcar

We value the ongoing relationship we have with EBG as we refine and continue to make these tools part of our culture. Carolyn Nelson, Process Coach, McKesson Health Solutions

EBG’s integrated learning provided significant support to help us stand up our agile BA practice and mentor our staff for practical issues on complex projects.Cong-Rong Xie BEng, AVP, Economical Insurance

EBG’s agile product discovery practices, including the 7 Product Dimensions, surfaced cross-functional requirements early which decreased risk and increased company collaboration.Caroline Queeney, Program Manager, Zipcar

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Since the EBG training & Agile Discovery Workshop…our team has really improved the communication and teamwork driving our new product development efforts.Matthew A. Krutky, PhD, 

(EBG helped} us take one of the most complex project experiences in my career and provided the agile training, coaching, and expertise to help the project team and stakeholders find the real value in our product and ultimately create success within the organization as a whole.Robert Woods, Program Manager, Health Dialog

EBG guided us through building a visionary, yet manageable product roadmap. … [They coached] our teams on agile execution and retrospective best practices, which enabled the team to deliver high-quality work, early and often.Caroline Queeney, Program Manager, Zipcar

[After hiring] EBG … to train and coach our development staff, product owners, and SME’s.…our overall project performance improved, … with better project and sprint estimates and less time spent on redesign and refactoring.Henry Moritz, Manager, R&D Software PMO, Weatherford