Develop essential facilitation skills for coaching agile teams. Learn to apply collaboration patterns needed by successful agile teams.

Collaborating for Success – a 3-day Course

So I can guide agile team collaboration,
I need to use facilitation skills in an agile context.

Effective collaboration is the foundation of all successful agile teams. To work well together, all members of a group or team must share a common purpose, enjoy mutual trust, and agree upon a common approach. How do you create this level of cohesion?

EBG’s Collaborating for Success 3-day training teaches effective facilitation skills and collaboration patterns that enable agile teams to succeed. Learn how to recognize, reward, and leverage collaboration when coaching agile teams—from discovery through delivery. Understand how to reuse collaboration patterns across all facilitated agile sessions. Topics include:

Day 1

  • Agile teams – realize their unique make-up and opportunities
  • Aptitudes and attitudes – discover the attributes of a skilled agile facilitator
  • Opportunities for facilitation – outline types of agile sessions
  • 6 Ps of Collaboration – apply purpose, participants, principles, products, place, and process to your session topic
  • Facilitation roles – clarify roles needed for successful work sessions

Day 2

  • The facilitation stance – distinguishing coaching agile teams from facilitating them
  • Collaboration Patterns – 8 powerful patterns for agile facilitation
  • Focus questions – jumpstart activities with well-designed questions
  • Conflict management – leverage the energy and making space for conflict
  • Visual wall work – bring energy, focus, and innovation to your agile facilitation

Day 3

  • Structured Conversation – explore this approach for engaging a diverse group in collaborative agile requirements discovery
  • Agile chartering – understand the value of Liftoffs to launch your team, project or service and ways to structure Liftoff sessions
  • Big-View, Pre-View, Now-View – how to adapt facilitating sessions for these planning horizons to deliver product roadmaps, release plans, and iteration plans
  • Visual management – engineer sessions to design agile teams’ visual management tools
  • Retrospectives – ideas for planning and designing facilitated sessions enabling agile teams to truly inspect and adapt
  • Requirements by Collaboration – design a mock session for collaboration
  • Practice – facilitate a collaborative event
  • Assess – evaluate your competencies and create a roadmap for development

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[EBG] helped us clarify our roles and responsibilities and introduced a structured decision making process which made our meetings much more productive. By applying the techniques taught us and partnering with our customers to identify the highest value features, we were able to deliver a very successful initial release.
Steve Brudz, Engineering Manager, The Broad Institut