Dive deep into the work of agile business analysis. Learn the collaborative techniques & agile tools you need for agile team success.

Agile Business Analysis – a 3-day Course

So I can build a foundation for agile product discovery, estimating and planning, and value management,
I need to use effective, efficient and creative ways to analyze “just enough” agile requirements.

Agile business analysis helps teams Discover to Deliver™ the right product at the right time. This course is designed for agile team members responsible for doing business analysis and requirements work. The work focuses on value management, not requirements management. You experience a deep-dive into collaborative techniques that engage the product’s stakeholders.

If you are an agile business analyst, to succeed you need to translate your extensive experience with business analysis, requirements, and the business domain into modern concepts, such as product backlogs, value, and user stories, and beyond. We bridge that gap.

EBG’s Agile Business Analysis course provides a comprehensive experience that extends your existing knowledge and skills. You learn to calibrate the content and precision of agile requirements and models, and build a foundation for agile estimating and planning. Topics include:

Day 1

  • Agile product discovery – ins and outs of agile business analysis
  • Value – vision, goals, measurable objectives
  • Product options – identify high-value features and user stories
  • Structured Conversations – collaborate with stakeholders to analyze product needs quickly and holistically
  • The 7 Product Dimensions – explore and evaluate product options
  • Role play – give collaborative discovery a try

Day 2

  • Models – use lightweight tools to elicit, analyze and confirm requirements
  • Functional requirements – analyze within and across the dimensions
  • Product backlog – keep it refined and manageable
  • Acceptance criteria – learn techniques to specify testable requirements

Day 3

  • Nonfunctional requirements – elevate and specify these often misunderstand and forgotten requirements
  • Agile planning – estimate stories and minimum marketable features and allocate to plans
  • Good agile analysis practices – your action plan
  • Discover to Deliver™ – bring it all together with a fast-paced practicum

Boost Your Training Investment

Supplement agile business analysis training with an EBG-facilitated Product Discovery Workshop or facilitated planning session (or both) for your product group or team. Contact EBG to find out how.

EBG…provided our Business Analysts and Scrum Masters with a working knowledge of EBG’s core agile concepts, such as the Seven Product Dimensions, the Structured Conversation and Discover-to-Deliver. We immediately incorporated these concepts into our development approach. EBG continues to push the envelope of agile analysis concepts and techniques.Kevin McKenzie Director of Business Analysis, Insperity

We are not so focused on just filling in the story card, rather the story card is a by-product of the discussion. We are doing much more modeling. Everyone agrees this is valuable. We are more focused on understanding the requirements, not trying to fit the story to an expected solution. The 7 Product Dimensions approach is helping to focus the discussionTech Lead, Financial Services Organization

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Very few experts incorporate business analysis into the agile approach as effectively as EBG.Kevin McKenzie, Director of Business Analysis, Insperity

EBG’s agile business analysis training and coaching provided significant support to help us stand up agile BA practice. They have excellent training and are a approachable and flexible training partner who aims on long-term relationship. We use them as on-going mentors for practical issues.Cong-Rong Xie, AVP, Economical Insurance

[EBG] provided a comprehensive approach to requirements [elicitation] and validation…We have successfully integrated use of the 7 Product Dimensions and the structured conversation into our SDLC.Dave Klotz, Manager, Business Analysis, IT Services, Insurance/Financial Company