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Agile Consulting

The key to success on any agile project is to discover the right product to deliver at the right time. EBG’s agile consulting services ensure your team starts down the right path, with hands-on agile coaching in the agile analysis, agile requirements, and agile planning strategies that lead to high-value products.

Product Discovery Workshops

One of EBG’s unique agile consulting offerings is the Product Discovery Workshop. These workshops are facilitated, collaborative sessions that draw on the wisdom of all the disciplines involved in delivering your particular product. EBG experts collaborate with you to prepare for and facilitate a discovery session engineered to engage all stakeholders as product partners. Discovery workshop participants use structured conversations to make agile requirements ready for planning and delivery. Depending on your specific needs, EBG can help you create a product vision, product roadmap, release plan, iteration plan, or agile charter. Contact us to get started.

Agile Coaching

EBG’s agile coaching is context-specific and tailored to your organization’s objectives and needs. EBG’s agile coaches work with you to develop a backlog of coaching outcomes designed to help your agile teams, agile coaches, product owners, agile business analysts, and leaders navigate the intricacies of holistically discovering and delivering customer-delighting products. Reach out to us to learn more.

Agile Consulting at a Glance

Depending on your needs and the services you choose, EBG provides a variety of key deliverables and benefits, as detailed below. Contact us today to determine the right mix for your organization:

EBG guided us through building a visionary, yet manageable product roadmap.Caroline Queeney, Program Manager, Zipcar

Overall, using the 7 Dimensions allows us to capture the most important attributes of each user story. Discover to Deliver: It’s really a framework to derive maximum business value from the limited development resources and time that any project has.Neal Herman, Sr Manager Software Quality Engineering, BD Biosciences

The Agile Product Discovery Workshop [helped] one of our Scrum teams to develop a cohesive understanding of the most important requirements to deliver for the next release and increased the level of team collaborationBarry Young, Associate Vice President, Business Analysis & UX, HealthStream

Product Discovery Coaching
Facilitated Session Coach the team Coach the coach
Create an agile product roadmap
Articulate a product/service vision
Establish a release plan
Develop an iteration plan
Determine an agile charter (Liftoff)
Assess agile fluency
Improve product and portfolio backlog management
Enhance backlog refinement
Cultivate agile product owners/product managers  
Foster agile business analysts  

Contact us today to determine the right mix for your organization.

Create an agile product roadmap

Build agreement among all stakeholders on an evolving long term, “Big-View” of the product that will realize the product vision and deliver value.

Articulate a product or service vision

Identify a clear, compelling, concise product direction among customer, business, and technology stakeholders that articulates how your product or service will change the world.

Establish a release plan

Inject clarity and transparency into your project and product planning and decision-making.

Develop an iteration Plan

Decide what to deliver next by compiling and creating ready stories, scenarios, supplemental analysis models, examples, acceptance criteria, and quantifiable quality attributes.

Determine an agile charter (Liftoff)

Enable agile teams to quickly, succinctly, and collaboratively establish the purpose, alignment, and context for your project, service, or change.

Assess agile fluency

Learn about your organization’s agile fluency through a team-level assessment and identify specific next-valuable actions toward improvement.

Improve product and portfolio backlog management

Organize and rationalize a lean backlog that guides planning and post-delivery validation.

Enhance backlog refinement

Improve our product backlog grooming (refinement) and explore backlog items holistically through efficient structured conversations.

Cultivate agile product owners/product managers

Enable agile product owners and managers to balance strategic with tactical product management within an agile context.

Foster agile business analysts

Build lean, value-focused capabilities that leverage business analysis capabilities and domain expertise.

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…EBG facilitated our transformation into a highly productive group and reinvigorated our drive to make Agile part of our solution to quality software delivery… I’m convinced that without EBG our efforts to transform into an Agile shop would have been fruitless and we would not be enjoying the success we are today, including two on-time releases with high business value.” Agile PMO Lead, Global Healthcare Provider

We now incorporate more explicit “product vision” conversations into product kickoffs and have even been using the EBG Agile Discovery workshop as a springboard for our new products. Because of this, our developers better understand our business and our business stakeholders are more practical when prioritizing product features and decisions.Matthew A. Krutky, PhD, 

The [EBG-led] Agile Product Discovery Workshops] engaged our stakeholders and brought them onboard as an integral part of the project team.Steve Brudz, Engineering Manager, The Broad

As our teams moved from waterfall to agile, EBG was a valuable partner in transitioning our requirements teams to the new approaches needed to be successful.Carolyn Nelson, Process Coach, McKesson Health Solutions

By applying the techniques that [EBG] taught us and partnering with our customers to identify the highest value features, we were able to deliver a very successful initial release. Steve Brudz, Engineering Manager, The Broad

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