Get the Agile Training You Need from Experts and Thought Leaders.

The experts at EBG have spent more than two decades working in product requirements discovery—they are the innovators that introduced collaborative requirements discovery to agile community. Learn from their experience through a series of agile training courses covering agile requirements discovery, agile product ownership, agile business analysis, and agile team collaboration.

EBG offers courses for agile product owners, agile business analysts, and entire teams—everyone involved in agile requirements discovery.

The training materials are created by EBG and regularly updated. Reference resources are integrated into the training and provide on the job support. EBG-accredited agile training instructors or partners teach every class. Their hands-on experience helps make learning engaging and relevant.

EBG’s training is endorsed by the IIBA® and the PMI®. You earn development credit for each hour of training.

Onsite Agile Training or Public? The choice is yours

When you need to establish a common baseline of knowledge and practical skills across teams and disciplines, consider bringing EBG agile training to your onsite location. EBG’s expert trainers can customize the content to your particular needs and context. Contact EBG to arrange a real-time conversation.

When you are looking for EBG’s public training classes, visit upcoming events to find a public offering near you.

…it was the best training I have ever spent money on. I would recommend [EBG] and their training to any executive I know.Ed McLaughlin, Senior Director, Technology, ShopLocal LLC

EBG is a very approachable and flexible training partner who aims on long-term relationshipCong-Rong Xie, AVP, Economical Insurance

Find your learning story

EBG offers a variety of courses designed to improve your skills in collaboration and agile product requirements discovery. Select the agile training that provides the learning outcomes you desire.

Learning Story EBG Course
So I can participate in building and managing our product backlog,
I need to collaboratively discover and confirm high-value requirements
Agile Requirements
So I can guide and collaborate with the agile team,
I need to use techniques for agile planning, analysis, and product delivery.
Backlog Refinement
So I can build a foundation for agile product discovery, estimating and planning, and value management,
I need to use effective, efficient and creative ways to analyze “just enough” agile requirements.
Agile Business Analysis
So I can guide and collaborate with the agile team,
I need to use techniques for agile planning, analysis, and product delivery.
Essential Product Owner
So I can guide agile team collaboration,
I need to use facilitation skills in an agile context.
Collaborating for Success

Find the agile training that works for you

Your needs are unique—and your agile training should be too. The following matrix maps key activities to EBG’s training offerings. Choose the agile training that’s right for you or your team. Contact EBG to arrange a real-time conversation.

Course coverage legend

  • Comprehensive
  • Partial
  • Introduction
Agile Requirements
2 days
Backlog Refinement
2 days
Agile Business Analysis
3 days
Product Owner Essentials
2 days
Collaborating for Success
3 days
Innovate with agile requirements practices
Build an inspiring product vision
Identify the right stakeholders
Define product value
Ensure you’re building the right product
Explore & evaluate product options
Specify acceptance criteria
Create analysis models
Manage a (lean) backlog
Create a product plan
Identify good practices
Apply new analysis skills
Recognize product owner aptitudes and attitudes
Provide strategic product context
Develop a product roadmap and release plan
Facilitate collaborative agile work sessions

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