A Visual Language for Product Teams

In October, we wrote about big concepts for delivering an ever-evolving, high-value product. These Agile/Lean concepts are used in your daily work to rapidly discover product needs and deliver valued products:

* The Product, and the 7 Product Dimensions
* The Structured Conversation metaphor (explore-evaluate-confirm)
* Value
* Product Partners
* Planning Views

To help teams apply the big concepts and to fully engage their creative and analytical sides, we created a set of symbols, what we call a ‘visual language’. We’re always gratified when our clients and readers share their experience with the language. We’ve heard that is has helped them bridge cultures, roles and organizational boundaries. They also report the visual language has resulted in more effective, efficient and collaborative discovery work.

Our new book, Discover to Deliver: Agile Product Planning and Analysis explains how to use the visual language.  In our October posting we shared the symbols for the 7 Product Dimensions. You can check out other D2D symbols in a presentation Ellen gave last month at Agile Testing and BDD Exchange 2012 in New York.

Over the next months we’ll be adding downloadable versions of the D2D visual symbols on the Discover to Deliver website.  Stay tuned!

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