“Agile Movies”: Tweets for Fun

Curated by Ellen Gottesdiener

The twitter-verse was recently ablaze with an informal playful contest: rename well-known movies using common agile terms and expressions (see my short list of those terms, below*).

It’s the month of and for April Fools, so join me for some fun.

I’ve assembled the best of the best of “agile movie” – with credit to its originator (and his or her twitter handle).  Enjoy!

Agile Movie Name Originator Twitter Handle
Back to the Feature Jim Remsik, Charlotta T @jremsikjr, @nynelkotten
Blazing StartUps Ellen Gottesdiener @ellengott
Brokebuild Mountain David J Bland @davidjbland
Citizen Kanban Josh Seiden @jseiden
Continuous Deliverance Tom Roden @TommRoden
Dead Story Society Andre de Kruijf @Andredekruijf
Dial “M” for Muda Adam Yuret @AdamYuret
Eternal Test Run of the Spotless Mind Steven Shingler @sshingler
Ferris Bueller’s Intentionally-Planned Slack J. B. Rainsberger @jbrains
Fried Green Pomodoro MarkDalgarno @MarkDalgarno
From Here to Iteratively Brant Cooper @brantcooper
Guess Who’s Coming to the Demo? J. B. Rainsberger @jbrains
He’s Just Not That Into Estimates James Holmes @James_R_Holmes
I Know What You Shipped Last Summer Lasse Koskela @lassekoskela
Kanbannery Row Mark Connolly @uxMark
Life of PO Sameer Bendre @Bendre
Lost in Continuous Integration Mattias Åsvik @mattiasasvik
Mississippi Burndown Adam Yuret @AdamYuret
No Backlog for Old Men David Farkas @dafark8
Return to the Planning of the Apes Dan North @tastapod
Rosemary’s Backlog Piotr Tyburski @tyboer
Scrum Runner Piotr Tyburski @tyboer
Scrumdog Millionaire Chad Kaufman @chadkdesign
Scrumface Jeff Gothelf @jboogie
Soylent Lean Florian Otel @FlorianOtel
Stakeholders On the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown J. B. Rainsberger @jbrains
Standup By Me richquick @richquick
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kanban Graham Lee, Jeff Gothelf @secboffin, @jboogie
The Accidental Product Owner J. B. Rainsberger @jbrains
The Empire Strikes Backlog Jeff Gothelf @jboogie
The Hobbit: An uneXPected journey Mogens Villadsen @ApromacDK
The Lion, the Witch and the Whiteboard Gojko Adzic @gojkoadzic
The NeverEnding Story Torbjörn Gyllebring, Charlotta T, Kevlin Henney @drunkcod, @nynelkotten,@KevlinHenney
The Nightmare Before Estimates Mike Long @mblongii
The Post-it Never Sticks Twice Noel @noelmarkham
The Shawshank Retrospective David J Bland @davidjbland
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Stories Ellen Gottesdiener @ellengott
The Unbearable Lightness of Planning Dan North @tastapod
Three Men and a Backlog Charlotta T @nynelkotten
V for Velocity puneeta @puneeta

*Common Agile Terms and Expressions

Story, User Story
PO (product owner)
Muda, Mura,  Muri
Start Up

For a full list, search twitter using the hashtag AgileMovies (#AgileMovies).



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