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I’m excited about my involvement in the first ever Agile Open Jam specifically for product managers. This unconference within a conference is part of September’s Product Management Festival in Zurich and is sponsored by the Agile Alliance. The announcement below, posted by the Product Management Festival team, highlights the event:

openjampicsAgile Open Jam – it’s worth a visit

In our continuing effort to inspire and ignite the product management community, we’re offering something new and exciting at this year’s conference: an “unconference” event known as Agile Open Jam. Hosted by EBG’s Ellen Gottesdiener, sponsored by the Agile Alliance, and moderated by additional experts including as Adrienne Tan, Rich Mironov, Rainer Grau, Thomas Haas, Teresa Torres, and Silvio Moser, this is a space where you can come together with other product managers to discuss the way agile principles and practices can enhance your existing product management skills, and to explore the challenges you face in your day-to-day work.

“This is the first time we’ve offered an Open Jam specifically for the product management community,” says Gottesdiener. “So that has me really excited. I have some topics in mind, but I’m really curious to see what sorts of things the attendees want to discuss. The great thing about Open Jam is that it is designed by and for the people who show up on that day. So you know you’re going to hear and talk about the subjects that are of interest to you.”

Agile Open Jam will take place throughout Day 2 of PMF14, on 18 September. Potential topics include:

  • Acceptance criteria, “ready” agile
    requirements, nonfunctional requirements
    in agile
  • Agile product roadmaps, product backlog
    management, slicing user stories
  • Hiring product owners, scaling the
    product owner, tactical and strategic
    product ownership
  • Go beyond user stories with analysis
    models, value considerations, discovery
    workshops, & decision rules

This Agile Open Jam is made possible by a new program of the Agile Alliance, the goal of which is to provide a way for practitioners in the business analysis and product management communities to share stories, questions, and puzzles about using those skills in an agile setting and to share ideas between communities.

Learn more about Agile Open Jam for Analysis and Product Management. Hope to see you there!

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