Agile Product Open: An Illustrated Interview

I spend a lot of time in my work sharing the value of visualization in agile discovery. What better way to share the value of the upcoming Agile Product Open event (May 21, 2016) than visually!

Here is an illustrated interview created by Iris Amelia Febres after interviewing Vanessa Ferranto and myself (we are co-producing the event). We shared the reasons why we started this new event and our passion for the conference theme: “Bringing Agile Principles to Product Management”.

Iris will be sketchnoting (also known as visual notetaking) and illustrating sessions at the Agile Product Open next week. We’re thrilled to have her on our team!

I hope to see you at Agile Product Open.

Ellen and Vanessa Agile Product Open

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Iris Febres
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