“Discover to Deliver Explained” Video

We’re excited to announce the release of “Discover to Deliver Explained.” This two-minute video provides an animated overview of the key concepts in our book Discover To Deliver: Agile Product Planning and Analysis.

You asked for a short synopsis of Discover to Deliver concepts that you could share with others. This video offers a quick, easy-to-follow explanation of the 7 Product Dimensions, product partners, the structured conversation, and the Now-, Pre- and Big-View, as they relate to agile requirements.

These principles and practices (and more!) are covered in depth in our highly acclaimed Discover to Deliver book, offering practical guidance for agile product management, planning and analysis—for those new to agile, in the midst of transitioning to agile, or well on their way to being agile.

We are thrilled that so many clients and readers have told us that they find the book’s content both relevant and powerful. We hope this video will be equally effective in sparking interest and in starting conversations about innovative ways to approach agile product planning and explore agile requirements.


Take a look and let us know what you think.


2 Responses to ““Discover to Deliver Explained” Video”
  1. John Peltier

    I like this, Ellen! We certainly haven’t “crossed the chasm” yet with regard to product and project thinking. Since agile is all about discovery and adaptation, I like the name you’ve given this material.. will have to check out the book!

  2. ellen@ebgconsulting.com

    thanks John, look forward to your deeper review and comments!
    warm regards,

    ~ ellen

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