Modern Product Management on the Modern Agile Show

In my recent Modern Agile Show interview with Joshua Kerievsky, we discussed product management in an agile context, product discovery and delivery, collaboration, and more.

Here are some visuals to supplement our conversation:

The Product Partners:


Product work:


Discover to Deliver möbius (first published the book by the same title, in 2011):


(NB: you can now download a pdf of the Discover to Deliver here).

A reusable framework for designing any collaborative engagement. The book Requirements by Collaboration (2002) first introduced the “6Ps”: Purpose, Participants, Principles, Products, Place, Process.

More information (product stuff):

Am I a Product Manager or a Product Owner? Part 1
Am I a Product Manager or a Product Owner? 5 Ways to Untangle the Mess (Part 2)
Discover to Deliver: Agile Product Planning and Analysis (book website | 7 Product Dimensions | free download of the book pdf)
The 7 Product Dimensions: A Guide to Asking the Right Questions
How to Make Product Decisions With Transparency and Trust
Using the Product Canvas to Define Your Product: Getting Started
Using the Product Canvas to Define Your Product’s Core Requirements
What is Your Product?

More information (Modern Agile):

Modern Agile Show on Youtube
Modern Agile Website

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