Presentation Skills for Technical Professionals

“Oh drat”, you think.

“I’ve got to do a presentation!”

Nevertheless, you smile and ask, “Oh, sure—what’s the date?”

Presentation Skills for Technical Professionals to the rescue!

Out comes Naomi’s Karten’s splendid book. You open it, eager for your sit-down with your personal presentation skills coach.  You are easily captivated by Naomi’s clever style and practical guidance on presentations, and grateful for the online references and resources that supplement the text. Reading this book not only prepares you for your upcoming presentation; it also helps you get in the groove and enables you to gain confidence as you prepare. You actually enjoy the process!

I was flattered when Naomi asked to write the foreword for her latest book. I view Naomi as one of the best technical writers on the planet. Her writing encapsulates hard-nosed wisdom and pragmatic advice in an easy, approachable style. And, Naomi is a master presenter with gobs of experience speaking to technical audiences.

My first big speaking engagement at a major conference was a life-draining experience for me. I practiced until I was bored, worried for weeks, and was incredibly nervous the night before (I barely slept). It all went fine—and was life changing for me. I learned I could do it! I enjoyed the challenge and recognized that delivering presentations is essential to my personal and professional development.

But I can tell you without doubt that I would have benefited greatly from the calm wisdom in this book. Now with a few presentations under my belt, I thorough enjoyed reading the book to learn more from a master guide.

You can read this book front to back for a holistic immersion or dive into a topic that tickles your fancies or fears, such as sections titled physical mannerisms, how stories teach, dress to unstress, or speak – don’t die. With Naomi at your side, whispering wisdom and lighthearted stories in a direct and empathetic tone, you’ll find a friend in her voice, a coach in her advice, a confidant in her stories.

Presentation Skills for Technical Professionals is practical, pragmatic, and a joy to read: concise, clever, captivating and compelling. This book allows you to settle down, focus, find your voice and confidence; it reminds you of the undisputable humanity of your audience, yourself, and all the other wary presenters who came before. It allows you to take pride and joy in the outcome.

So free your fears, halve your heartache, unravel your uncertainties, and set your mind at ease. I can think of no better guide for a technical person seeking excellent presentation skills than Naomi Karten’s Presentation Skills for Technical Professionals.


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