Product Owner Survival Camp, USA

Product owners often find themselves alone in the organizational wilderness, straddling tactical with strategic product work. To succeed, they need to be inventive yet intensely focused; collaborative but decisive; and far-sighted but detail oriented.

The best product owners are strategic—envisioning the product, communicating upstream with business executives, researching the market, and continually planning for delivery of high-value product options. At the same time, they are also tactical—communicating downstream with the delivery team, running product demos, and discussing technical considerations.

Product Owner Survival Camp USA
To meet these challenges, product owners can ideally draw on a “survival guide” of practices, tools, and techniques that enable them to successfully connect long-term strategic planning with the frontiers of great new products and plug the gaps between strategy and execution.

If you need to build your own product owner survival guide, or extend your current one, check out this great learning opportunity: Product Owner Survival Camp, USA Cambridge MA 19-20 May 2016

Jeff Patton, Scott Sehlhorst and I (Ellen Gottesdiener) industry-leading experts in agile product management and product ownership, will be your guides throughout the two-day “camp”.


Drawing on the successful POSC developed and delivered in Europe in 2014 and 2015, we’ve crafted an action-packed program for the USA that embraces the disciplines and philosophy of Agile/Lean product discovery and delivery. The camp provides a deep learning experience that combines the best features of a conference and a training class.

At Product Owner Survival Camp USA, you will elevate your ability to discover the right product for the right customer at the right time, address the challenges you face as a product owner, grow your product ownership leadership capabilities and learn to:

  1. Conquer the chaos of backlog bloat and story hell
  2. Identify and vet new product opportunities in a way that invites, excites, and involves customers and internal stakeholders
  3. Convert strategy to reality by prioritizing the right strategic goals to define an agile product roadmap and manage a lean product backlog
  4. Convince internal stakeholders—from execs to engineers—why your investment choices are valuable and feasible
  5. Overcome requirements confusion and conflict by holistically exploring product options and making transparent decisions
  6. Lead teams and stakeholders toward shared product outcomes through dynamic collaboration

If you are looking for an interactive, rich learning experience where you can evolve from merely surviving to thriving as a product owner—register now!

Note: Space is limited. For more details, visit the POSC-USA website.

Product Owner Survival Camp

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