Reflecting on My Personal Learning Journey

I’m pleased to share with you an “author cast,” a podcast interview of me by Yaaqub (Yamo) Mohamed of The BACoach.

Yamo’s interview got me thinking and reflecting on my own professional learning journey and dig into the two books I’ve written (so far 😉 ).

Author Cast: Ellen Gottesdiener

Writing a book is a daunting task. It is a learning journey in and of itself. When I began my first book, Requirements by Collaboration, I had no idea how much I’d learn from the writing process.

Listening to this portion of the author cast reminded me how grateful I am to all the mentors—accidental and intentional—I have learned from. And, those I continue to learn from.

One of my first mentors, Donna Dean, started a Quality Circle in our analyst/programmer group and entrusted me with a leadership role. That was 1981. It was my first exposure to lean, kaizen, and TPS. Donna was ahead of her time, in many ways. I am grateful to her.

How is your learning journey going? How do you learn and grow?

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One Response to “Reflecting on My Personal Learning Journey”
  1. Yaaqub Mohamed(Yamo)

    Hi Ellen, I’ll have to agree with you on writing a book being a daunting task. It is also quite a unique learning experience. 🙂

    The two books that you have authored are indeed an asset to the BA community. Very soon we will also start a book review section on the blog, that will highlight some key facets for popular BA book. I am really excited about this project; this is being run by @BAKatie. You will hear more in the days to come.

    For me, launching this blog / podcast has been a great source of learning. Listening to business analysts from around the world is something that can excite anyone, and may sound a little difficult to do; but thanks to Skype I am able to do it and spread the knowledge too. 🙂 It is also because of the interviewees stepping forward to make this happen.

    And, Author Cast is for sure something that will help me in my learning too. This will make me go back to some of the books, in a different light and explore on what they put forward. Interviewing the Authors and having an exclusive series has been an exciting podcasting project for me.

    The other way I learn and grow is constantly seeking avenues to train myself on new things(social media, technology, apps, etc), courses, certifications, etc. I am a life long learner, and I am a BA! 😀

    Thanks once again for doing this interview with me!

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