Smoothing and Speeding Your Agile Learning Journeys with More Agile Testing

by Mary Gorman

More Agile Testing

I love the latest book from Janet Gregory and Lisa Crispin, More Agile Testing: Learning Journeys for the Whole Team. My own copy is littered with dog-eared pages, highlighted text, and stickies marking ideas I want to come back to, bring to my own work, and share with others.

When I sat down to write this book review, I started with a mind map, as Janet and Lisa often suggest. My plan was to turn this organized brainstorm into a standard text book review that would elegantly and persuasively describe how valuable I find the book. Yet as the mind map began to take shape, I paused to reconsider. I wondered if perhaps using the mind map as my book review would be the agile solution.

I conducted an informal test by asking a sampling of folks, “Does the map sufficiently convey why I think this is a great book?” The unanimous answer, “Yes!”

The finished mind map, created using Coggle, is shown here. It describes all of the reasons why I love More Agile Testing.

In case there’s any doubt – I highly recommend More Agile Testing for every person on every agile team. It will be a powerful aid in smoothing and speeding your agile learning journeys.

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