The Product Partnership: Using Structured Conversations to Deliver Value

In a prior blog post, you learned about the in-progress book Mary Gorman and I are writing. We are thrilled to have our workshop proposal for the Agile 2011 Conference accepted. The workshop will incorporates elements of our book. Here’s our YouTube video on The Product Partnership submission.

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    […] the podcast, I discuss with Joe the metaphor that Mary Gorman and I have been using, “structured conversations.” Structured conversations are used to explore and evaluate product requirements and clearly […]

  2. Bryan Wells

    I attended your workshop at Agile 2011. I would really like to have access to what you taught, but none of the material you covered in the workshop is available anywhere. Is there any way I use the framework you taught on structured conversations? I am teaching an Agile course at the University of Maine this semester. I taught some from your article on slicing stories, but I would really like to have the system you designed for the conversations as well.



    Hi Bryan:
    thanks for your kind words!

    you can find lots of resources on the structured conversation and more at our Discover to Deliver website:

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