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DtoD Japanese

We’re excited to announce that the Japanese version of Discover to Deliver is now available. We deeply appreciate Mr. Taku Fujii, of OGIS-RI, for his excellent work in translating our book for a whole new audience.

Discover to Deliver: Agile Product Planning and Analysis has helped professionals all over the world to collaboratively conceive, deliver and support software products and systems. Many thanks to Taku-san for his thoroughness and professionalism in preparing the Japanese translation.

And helping to launch the Japanese Discover to Deliver, Mary Gorman will be delivering the closing keynote at the Regional Scrum Gathering® Tokyo. Held this year from 28 February to 2 March, this is one of the biggest conferences focusing on Scrum and Agile in Japan.

Mary’s topic is “Innovate and Invigorate Your Agile Discovery Practices.” She’ll explain how to go beyond discovery-as-usual with creative ways to enlighten and energize your agile product discovery to collaboratively explore and agree on inventive and valuable product requirements. On 3 – 4 March Mary will conduct a public offering of EBG’s “Agile Requirements: Collaborating to Define & Confirm Needs” course at OGIS-RI in Tokyo.

Here’s how the 7 Product Dimensions look in Japanese!

DtoD Japanese 7Ds

And we’ve just learned that Discover to Deliver will be translated into one of the most popular European languages as well. We’ll fill you in on those the details as they crystallize.

My travels take me to Munich, Germany for ReConf 2015. While there, I’ll be delivering the keynote “Innovate and Invigorate Your Agile Discovery Practices”. I will also lead “Agile Requirements Creative Collaborative and Colorful Discovery,” a day-long interactive workshop on 16 March.

Then, on to Vienna where I’m slated to deliver a workshop focused on product ownership at the Product Owner Survival Camp 19 – 20 March with my colleagues Gojko Adzic, David Evans, and Christian Hassa.

These training workshops and speaking engagements are just the tip of the iceberg for us this year, as we spread our message of holistic requirements and collaborative partnerships to audiences around the world.

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